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Teaching parents to meet their children's emotional needs 100% of the time!

Our sleep coaching approach deepens the love between children and parents. Improve sleep habits in a unique and tender way!

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Client Testimonial:

"It sounds silly but I’m actually glad I had a terrible sleeper, otherwise, I would have never gotten to connect with Meredith. She’s truly someone you will be blessed to know! Her knowledge and compassion brings you strength and the service she provides is invaluable." Shannon, mother of 1 year old Hudson

Help Your Child Sleep the Peaceful Way

We Build Little Sleepers that Feel Secure and Attached to their Parents

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We believe it is important to teach skills to children one tiny step at a time!  We teach our clients how to create new habits without causing stress, losing more sleep, or creating new problems.   Most of the work is done during the day and evening to gradually ease you into new habits.  Our clients love the way we encourage and support them as they maintain a bond of closeness to their babies and toddlers.  Our motto is to continually build trust and security in little ones.   Parents complete the Sweet Slumber program feeling gratitude and loyalty because of our integrity, devotion and effectiveness. Whether your baby has one new habit to learn or many, you will enjoy working with us, too!

Our Consultants Work with Clients Multiple times a week for 4-6 Weeks!

Begin with a free 30-60 minute phone or video call and get to know your sleep coach!  Next, schedule a 1-hour consultation to get started.  We will discuss your child's background, temperament, and finalize your goals.  You will receive instruction and collaborate with your coach to create a unique plan for your family.  Plans are sent via email within 24 hours.  Speak to your coach 1-5 times a week through phone, video phone calls, or through email!  (If daily calls, daily emails, and texting sounds better, the Dream package is for you!)  We will communicate through FaceTime/Skype, phone, email or in person (for local clients).   

We Have Happy, Rested Clients Across the USA and All Over the World!

Sweet Slumber, Sleep Coach, Sleep Expert, Baby Sleep, Toddler Sleep Consultant, gentle sleep methods

Sweet Slumber has fans all over the United States and in many countries!  Several families of diverse backgrounds and cultural beliefs have put their trust in our methods and care!  We are excited to offer hope to mothers and fathers everywhere.  In August 2018, our clients live in 25 states and 16 countries.  

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Solutions for Your Family, Based on Your Goals:

Sleep Trouble:

  1. Stop frequent night wake-ups.
  2. End dependence on sleep props like pacifiers and swings.
  3. Reduce feedings to 0-1 time over night. (according to your child's needs)
  4. No more middle of the night parties!
  5. Help your child wake at appropriate times.

Sleep Associations & Transitions:

  1. Take away the need for  nursing/feeding, rocking, bouncing, or being held to get baby to sleep.
  2. Gently teach baby to fall asleep with little to no help.
  3.  Transition to a bed, crib, or another room.  (Build a sense of security!)


  1.  Establish a schedule.
  2. Change short naps to longer, uninterrupted naps.
  3. Create a bed time routine. 
  4. Find the best times for naps and bedtime.
  5. Help your baby or toddler fall asleep quicker and easier!

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