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    Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, Baby Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep Coach, help baby sleep at night

    We can Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep all Night!

    "Welcome to Sweet Slumber!   My name is Meredith Brough and I am a baby and toddler sleep consultant and coach.  I am also a mother of five children!  Previously, I owned an in-home daycare, worked in the schools as an Educational Assistant and volunteered with children for many years.  When I became a new mom, I didn't know how to help my first baby develop good sleep habits.  This was surprising to me, because I had an impressive amount of experience caring for babies as a nanny! My husband and I were miserable and tired all of the time.  A friend gave me some great advice for my next child and it worked!  Infancy was a completely different experience after that.  It was heavenly!  

    Since my first child's birth, I have cared for many infants as a daycare owner, and have become proficient at helping babies and toddlers sleep through the night. I created a unique program that will gradually and naturally lead your baby into a full night's sleep, help form important sleep patterns for childhood, and assist with healthy development. Most of the changes and improvements take place during the day and evening, so you can preserve the little sleep you are getting.  This process is designed to be a gentle, natural progression in your daily life, and one that you will enjoy."   

    Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, Baby Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep Coach, help baby sleep at night

    Enjoy Years of Joy, Serenity, and Peace of Mind.

    There are many pieces of the puzzle to sort and place during a baby's first year.  Trying to help your baby develop properly, eat well, sleep well, and learn at the right pace can be stressful and worrisome!   The Sweet Slumber program focuses on providing the optimal rest and nourishment your baby or toddler needs to thrive.  We do everything we can to support you in these goals.  Unfortunately, the quantity and quality of children's sleep is highly misunderstood by adults, but it is nevertheless important. Children need a balance between awake time, nap time, and night time sleep.  This can be a tricky equation!  The complicated balance of these various factors can contribute to a lot of ups and downs for families!

    Over the last 17 years, Meredith developed a one-of-a-kind technique called the "Sleep Ride" that teaches babies to drift off to sleep independently, long term!  It is the most gentle, loving and effective method available!  This technique helps babies fall asleep for naps and bedtime, slip into a deeper rest (for high quality, uninterrupted sleep) and go back to sleep during cycle transitions!  The "Sleep Ride" is an effective tool that will help your child succeed in gaining life long, ideal sleep habits! 

    Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, Baby Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep Coach, help baby sleep at night

    Reward Yourself and Your Family!

    We provide one hour consultations, three hour packages and 4-8 week programs.  A program starts with a free phone call designed to help the client get to know the sleep coach, ask questions and learn more about our offerings.  We offer daily phone calls and email support to ensure the success  of our clients.  Support will also include personable conversations/assistance in your home for local clients, or on FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts for long distance sessions.  


    If you are pregnant, Sweet Slumber will prepare you before baby is born by giving you a few simple guidelines to follow and answer the questions that bring YOU peace of mind.  We will teach you how to begin developing great habits early for your newborn babies and infants (0-2 months old)! We also offer holistic, gentle problem solving and solutions for babies and toddlers with sleep struggles, between the ages of 2 months and 3 years old.  

    The Sweet Slumber approach is low pressure and non-judgmental.  We believe that parents need more support, empathy, kindness, and encouragement than ever while raising small children!  We are sensitive and aware of the feelings you may be experiencing as we work together, and will happily lead at YOUR pace.  We do not leave you feeling overwhelmed or worried!  We make sure you feel prepared to care for your baby independently, and continue our support after each session. The Sweet Slumber program will teach you how to handle the unexpected and the busyness that is so common in life; we believe routines should be planned carefully with attention to your family's needs!


    The experiences we have while working together will be enjoyable and full of relief!  Many of our clients claim that working with us is life changing, and they wish they had started sooner.  Are you starting to imagine the way you will feel?  Can you picture what it would be like to have restful nights on a continual basis?  It's so exciting!   On top of that, finding personal time and enjoying special moments with your family will be easier, because you and your little one will be rejuvenated.  Review our Testimonials page to help you imagine the changes that are coming soon in YOUR life!   Also, click on the Resource tab and read some of our favorite articles about the benefits of better sleep for you and your child. Check out Meredith's blog posts to get to know her better, and to see the dedication she shows to her clients!  Email us and let's get started!


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