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My name is Meredith Brough and I am an expert in child-care and a mother of five children.  When I was a new mom, I didn't know how to help my first baby sleep through the night.  My husband and I were miserable and tired all the time.  A friend gave me some great advice with my next child and it worked!  Infancy was a completely different experience after that.  It was heavenly!  Since my first child's birth, I have cared for many infants and have become proficient at helping babies of all ages sleep through the night.  My Sweet Slumber program will lead your baby gradually into a full night's sleep, help form important sleep patterns for their childhood, and assist with healthy development. Most training occurs during the day, so you have time to enjoy your family in the evening.  I will also work with parents that prefer evening assistance. This process is designed to be a gentle, natural progression in your daily life.   

Enjoy a Year of Joy, Serenity, and Peace of Mind

The Sweet Slumber program focuses on providing your baby with the optimal rest and nourishment that she needs to thrive.  With my guidance, you will enjoy your baby's darling personality on a daily basis.  I provide half day or 1 day consultations as well as the Sweet Slumber program.  The program consists of 1-5 days of hands-on, daytime assistance in my home or yours.  I work with babies between one month to 24 months old.  Be sure to check the Pricing and FAQs tabs for the information you need.  

Reward Yourself and Your Family

A bonus of the Sweet Slumber program is the way you will feel!  You will enjoy restful nights on a continual basis.  Isn't that exciting?   Finding personal time and enjoying special moments with your family will be easier because you and your baby will be rejuvenated.  The rewards of parenting a well-rested child are priceless and long lasting.  You and your family deserve this gift!   If you want to feel excited about your future, read my Testimonials page.  Some of my clients share their success stories from the Sweet Slumber program.

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