Sweet Slumber: Our Baby/Toddler Sleep Coaching Is One of a Kind!

Common Questions

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How does a program work?

Our approach is focused on improving health and nutrition, optimizing the routine, gradual changes that keep your child calm and pleasant, and building skills over time to make them permanent habits.  It is very important to us to keep children calm, and to respond to their needs to help them feel secure, peaceful and safe.  We also believe in correcting one area a little bit at a time to keep everything balanced-for example, if a baby is ready to cut out a night feeding, we do it slowly so that baby eats at another time and doesn’t realize things are changing.  : )

You will fill out a questionnaire and take a temperament quiz early in the process.  This will help us form your plan.

During the first two weeks, we prepare baby for new things to come, gently building new habits.   Babies/toddlers begin to sleep longer stretches and improve their naps, etc as early as the first two weeks. 

We want everything to be helpful, non-stressful and gradual.  This is why we typically begin to work on helping baby fall asleep in the crib during the third week.  For the Moonlight and Dream packages, we use the unique method that Meredith created, called "The Sleep Ride."  We teach baby at optimal times, over short periods, and respond to baby’s emotional and physical needs to keep him/her happy, attached, and building security.   This technique requires more assistance and frequent check-ins.  For other packages, we use our favorite gentle sleep methods that are effective and simple to use.

Each program runs for 4-6 weeks, letting baby’s body adjust and progress naturally.  The stretches of sleep lengthen out over this time.  Baby will learn to fall asleep on his/her own, and will go back to sleep and sleep deeper during sleep cycle transitions.  Parents are free to add other goals to accomplish as well.  A list of services that we provide is on the home page.  

We add in a few extra weeks  of support to the process, because things can go wrong aren't always predictable with babies and toddlers.  There may be sickness or teething, etc. but you will be equipped with tools to get through it!

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What if I need help later on?

If you and your child revert back to past habits after you complete the program, or new problems arise, it may be necessary for you to hire me for a 1-hour consultation. I offer return clients basic monthly support through text and email after the 4-6 week period for $95 a month.

Does this program encourage "Crying it out"?

We are completely against "Crying it Out" techniques.  We teach parents how to help their children fall asleep on their own, with an emphasis on gentleness and stress-free methods. We use our "Sleep Ride" technique to help develop trust and security; once a baby becomes agitated and upset, the work stops and baby is comforted.  One of the biggest changes we help moms make is not breastfeeding their babies to sleep; breastfeeding can still happen before naps and bedtime.  Sleeping through the night will happen naturally as baby's night time sleep stretches longer and longer each week.  With that being said, some babies cry before they fall asleep. Meredith has cared for children that cried for 5-10 minutes before falling asleep at nap time, every day.

Many babies will not learn to fall asleep from crying it out.  They can become more clingy and nervous and sleep worse!  We believe t's important to be sensitive and kind.  When it comes to changing baby sleep habits, it is important to comfort and help a baby avoid feeling stressed out or worked up, and that is an art that we will teach you.  We will be sensitive about how you feel, too. We understand that it's important to take things slowly, so that everyone is comfortable and so that baby builds long term habits.  

Studies show that babies whose needs are met by their parents consistently, learn security sooner!

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Will I still be able to nurse and will my milk supply be affected?

Yes, you can nurse your baby.  You do not have to change to formula.  Of course, your milk supply will be affected as your baby sleeps longer at night.  But, your body will adjust..  Sleeping through the night doesn't usually affect milk supply.  When your baby sleeps through the night, he/she will eat more during the day and the increased demand will produce more milk at the right time.  The quality of your milk improves when you follow a consistent schedule.  Sometimes breast fed babies sleep for a shorter period at night than formula fed babies do.  For example a breastfed baby may sleep for 9-10 hour stretches, while a formula fed baby may sleep 11-12 hour stretches.   Our work together during the day and evening will help your baby sleep longer and longer at night.  If there are any habitual night feedings (baby is waking out of habit and doesn't need to eat at night), we will use gentle methods to gradually wean baby off this feeding time.  Baby will then eat more at other times.

How long does sleeping through the night take?

For newborn programs, infants can sleep 8-12 hours through the night between 8-16 weeks old in some cases.  It may take longer for some children, but by 4-5 months old you should have a well rested baby.  If the program is followed correctly and baby is healthy, your baby's nights will stretch gradually.  I will give you tips on how to avoid night-time conflicts and sleep interruptions in baby's new sleep patterns.  If your baby takes longer to sleep 8-10 hours at night, be patient and give the program some time.  Only a small percentage of children won't sleep all night at 4-5 months old (in my program).  

For children that are older than 3 months up to 4 years, it should take 4-8 weeks after you begin the program for your baby to sleep 8 hours or more.  Sometimes breastfed babies sleep for 9-10 hours maximum, while formula fed babies sleep for 11-12 hours.  

Children with certain temperaments do not always learn to sleep as quickly as parents like.  We will assess your child's temperament early on so that goals and plans can be adjusted.  Flexibility is important if your child is sensitive or spirited.

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Do you guarantee your work?

We do not offer a guarantee to our clients for a few reasons.  We have an amazing track record!  We offer training and guidance for you and your child, and then it is up to you to follow through and be consistent in using these tools.  We want to see you reach your goals and be successful, so we offer emailed material and directions to our clients after every conversation and provide follow up care at a reasonable price ($95 for 4 weekly calls)!   Follow up care is a smart addition because children have growth spurts, get sick and go through teething.  We want to help you through those bumps in the road.  If you get off track later on, or run into new problems, you can schedule an appointment for a 1 hour consultation to do problem solving ($125).  

More FAQs

Baby Sleep Expert, Baby Sleep Coach, Toddler Sleep Consultant, Sweet Slumber, Cedar Rapids, Gentle

What can you offer me that others can't offer, or that I can't do on my own?

We are dedicated to the use of gentle and kind techniques that build sleep hygiene, security, and peace in small children and babies.  Our clients' loyalty to the founder of Sweet Slumber, Meredith Brough, and her researched, experience based program is unparalleled.  She has been called a "Baby Whisperer" because of her natural connection with little ones, her intuitive knowledge of children's needs and feelings, and the carefree way she helps families build optimal sleep habits.

Meredith has worked with children for over 25 years.  She began her career as a nanny, continued as a preschool teacher,  owned an in-home daycare for several years, and is a mother of 5.  Her background is an invaluable resource to families and to her team.  Sweet Slumber consultants are mothers who are passionate about sleep hygiene!  Our experience, passion and intuition combined creates a beautiful, cohesive network of brilliance!  We naturally think outside the box, trust proven principles, and research reliable sources and studies to stay several steps ahead of old-fashioned sleep training ideas.

Sweet Slumber consultants are hand-picked by Meredith.  We are mothers who are devoted to serving children and women, with shared values and high moral character.  We provide premium support and ensure that our clients feel confident in our care.   We remove confusion by teaching clients what to do and what works, leaving parents more confident than ever!  

More often than not, mothers are looking for compassionate solutions, sensitivity, judgement free guidance, and genuine encouragement.  At Sweet Slumber, we exemplify these traits while being honest and upfront, and leaving the decision making to you. 

We hold some of the vital keys that make a child's early years the most joyful experience possible.  We support and train families efficiently and on top of that, offer follow up care at a low cost.   We offer a generous amount of support ensuring long term success.  

The "Sleep Ride" technique is one of a kind, created and developed over the years as Meredith worked with her daycare children and loved ones.  It is gentle, kind, promotes progress, and thrives on subtle change, patience, and responding to children's needs.  We encourage parents to follow their instincts, but we give clear directions from day to day, based on each child's needs, personality and their reactions.  This technique propels the development of necessary skills, such as security, trust, and receiving comfort.  At the end of the program, children fall asleep easier, and sleep deeper.  They wake up during transitions less often, fall back to sleep easily and lengthen out night sleep and nap times.  

What are you waiting for?  :)  

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How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is organized into groups by the amount of assistance and support you want/need from us.  

For the basic plans, we make sure clients are armed with info, a plan, and answers to the questions that arise, following a simplified version of our Sweet Slumber methods.  We teach parents gentle approaches to build independent sleep skills.  So we can help as many people as possible, we have the lower pricing for a smaller budget.  It is not optimal to work independently, so we have weekly calls included in the most affordable package, to keep parents on track (Twilight 1 is $245 for 4 weeks).  For the next level, we add basic email support (once a week) for those who don’t feel confident enough with one weekly call, and the period is longer (Twilight 2 is $345 for 4-6 weeks).  These program options work well for improving  1-2 problems, and for helping angel or textbook personalities change their sleep habits.  For example, the Twilight packages are a good fit when the child can fall asleep on his/her own, but wakes a few times at night or doesn't nap well. 

Our last 3 programs (Moonlight 1, 2 and Dream) are the “desirable” packages with frequent communication, ample encouragement, motivation and accountability, which can be very helpful!   These top 3 programs are for children who need to learn how to independently fall asleep, take great naps and sleep through the night or most of the night.  Weaning a child from a pacifier or transitioning to a crib and/or a new room, among other worthy goals, are included at no extra cost. Our proprietary "Sleep Ride" method is reserved for the Moonlight and Dream programs as it requires more training, guidance and accountability.  The "Sleep Ride" technique teaches independent sleep skills and is a one of a kind technique that sets us apart.  

Clients decide what kind of support and interaction they would like best.   Would you like to speak to your coach almost every other day?  Choose Moonlight 2, with 3 phone calls a week and two emails for other days ($595 for 4-6 weeks).  Are you okay with more time in between conversations and reporting to us through email?  That’s the Moonlight 1 with 2 phone calls a week and 2 emails ($475 for 4-6 weeks).  The high value package is the Dream package, meant for clients to have easy access to their coaches for frequent check-ins & advice, more peace and reassurance.  Clients call and email once or more a day, as needed ($795 for 6 weeks).  (We work Monday-Saturday, with Sundays off). This package is topped off with a month of follow up care, which is one phone call or email a week for 4 weeks.

Pricing Details

What is the difference between your 1 hour consultations and programs?

It is important to us to be able to help as many families in need, as possible.  We offer different consulting rates so that we can help people on various budgets, help with small and complex problems and offer support to previous clients during different phases of a child's life.  We don’t spend extra time during our short consultations planning or doing paperwork.  We get right to work teaching and helping parents with simple solutions.  

During the course of our  programs, we speak with clients ahead of time, go over family info, and make a customized plan.  After a program begins, we make adjustments to the plan as needed, and help parents care for and change baby's routine and sleep habits.  We plan to work together multiple times, making sure that the baby is adjusting well, that parents feel confident, and changes are rolling forward securely before a parent works alone.  This work happens through home visits or FaceTime calls, phone calls, and emailing.  We track baby's progress and send follow up directions to the parents for future reference.  We also offer a free 1 hour initial meeting with programs.  The added support will truly help you succeed!

Why should I help my baby learn to fall asleep on his/her own?

There is nothing wrong with nursing or rocking your baby to sleep and sometimes you just want to snuggle them longer.  That's fine!  It's important to give your child a chance to learn how to fall asleep on his own, too.  It will help him be able to go back to sleep smoothly, when he doesn't need food.  It will also help him learn to feel secure, to trust his caregivers, and to relax into a deeper sleep.  Babies advance quickly in almost every other form of development.  When it comes to sleep, babies can fall into a natural rhythm of napping and night time sleep, with just a little guidance from mom and dad.  It's amazing to see how easily infants and toddlers can gain these skills- and it's so good for them, too!  

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How can a young baby sleep through the night without eating?

To help a baby between 8-16 weeks old sleep for 8 or more hours,  she must eat regular, predictable feedings throughout the day and cluster feed later in the evening.  Baby must be healthy and at an average weight.  When we begin working with a client, we rely on the doctor's feedback about baby's growth and development and look into other details of everyday life.  We ask specific questions about the baby's feeding habits and history, make sure the baby is getting the right quantity and quality of nutrition, then we help moms with the other pieces of the puzzle that help extend the length of night sleep naturally.  We have witnessed this process succeed, time and time again!  We always encourage our clients to rely on their family physician to monitor diet and nutrition according to recommended guidelines.  On occasion, some children need to eat at least once at night.  We will rely on your baby's cues to see if that is the case.  Our approach is to feed baby when she is hungry.  We respond to babies' needs.  We wean babies slowly from night feedings, to help them replace the calories at another time.  

What are the advantages of having a well rested baby?

Babies develop the most while they are sleeping.  They unclutter their brains from the busyness of the day and from stressors, and then reset for the next day when they dream at night.  They take breaks from discovery and stimulation during their naps, so they can recharge, grow and absorb nutrition. Adequate rest helps them feel calm and peaceful, and gives them a pleasant temperament.  Sleep really does beget sleep.  The more they sleep, the better they sleep!  As for long term affects, they need good sleep habits for life so they can be great students and healthy kids!   Sleep deprivation looks just like ADHD.

If your baby is a good sleeper for both day and night, it will give you time and energy to build other relationships in your family and leave you feeling more balanced.  You have physical and mental needs that can only be filled through a good night's sleep!  Helping your child learn proper sleep habits will help you feel your best, too.  Parenthood can be very rewarding!  But sleep patterns will make it or break it.  If they don't snooze, you lose!

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