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Meredith worked in St. Louis for a couple of days, helping Jenna and her baby Liam form great sleep habits.  He was waking every hour or more at night and taking short naps.  Liam's addiction to his pacifier disappeared and he started sleeping without one!  As a team, Jenna and Meredith cemented the great routine that Jenna was already forming and enjoyed a weekend of bonding.  After a few days, he slept consistently through the night for 8 hours and took 4-5 hours of naps!  Meet Jenna!

Sweet Slumber Testimonials

Kaitlin from Iowa

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"Meredith helped my TWINS sleep through the night! She was so genuine in helping and caring for my babies. At 2.5 months old, she came to my home for 3 days & in less than a week, my son slept through the night! A week later my daughter did! I am forever thankful for this relationship and experience with Sweet Slumber!" 

-Author of the CR Moms Blog Post about Sweet Slumber

Amanda from Iowa

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, naps, night, routine, sleep issues


"Relief. That is what I felt when I came across a blog post about Sweet Slumber. I had finally found what I was looking for- someone to help me sort through all the sleep advice that is out there and get my kiddo back on track! However, I was still a bit skeptical. My 8 month old was pretty strong-willed/stubborn/stuck in his ways- whatever you want to call it! When I explained his sleeping to Meredith she responded, “I’m confident I can help you.” Again, I felt relief. The first day was rough, but by the second day he was able to put himself to sleep! A few days later he was sleeping in 6 hour stretches. That hadn’t happened since he was about 3 months old!

Then it hit. A bad cold followed by croup. I knew we had undone a lot of our hard work, but Meredith had taught us well and I was confident that when he was healthy again we’d get back on track- and we did. Again, relief.

It hasn’t been easy fixing our baby’s sleep, but it has been so worth it! If we hadn’t found Meredith I probably wouldn’t have followed through on a sleep plan. We’d still be waking up multiple times each night and I’d still be a zombie during the day. I am grateful for her insights, confidence, and cheerleading abilities!!"

Madison from Iowa

Sweet SLumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, nap, routines, sleep solutions

"Meredith came and helped get our twins (4 months, now 9 months) on a better sleeping schedule for naps and then that gradually turned bedtime sleeping into success. Don’t get me wrong it’s not magic it takes work and babies can be so unpredictable, there can be highs and lows, but initially we had great results and I think we’d still be struggling a little if we didn’t seek her help. She’s also a great resource afterwards to in case you need help troubleshooting things. Very positive, and patient." 

Anna from Ohio

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, Help baby & toddler sleep better, night, nap, sleep solutions

"Meredith came into my life when my baby was 6 1/2 months old. He was still waking up 2 -3 times a night, and was always nursed to sleep. I was a mess, so sleep deprived! My husband wanted to help but didn't know how he could since he couldn't feed him. She came in and promptly started the process of teaching Spencer to fall asleep on his own and established a schedule. It was such an EMOTIONAL journey for us all and Meredith held my hand and helped us through it. I think her emotional support was just as important as her "baby whispering" skills. In fact, you could call her a "Mama whisperer" too. At 1 1/2 months later I can report that my baby is doing GREAT! I put him to bed at about 6:30pm and he usually sleeps through the night till about 7:00 am. He can put himself to sleep now and can get himself back to sleep if he wakes up after one sleep cycle during his naps. I feel like I've been able to heal and get some emotional and mental health back as well. My husband is very involved in baby's sleep now and I don't feel like its all on my shoulders. I would recommend Meredith, HANDS DOWN, to anyone that has a baby. She has skills, people. If you have a new baby, or an older baby, she can help you teach that kid great skills that will stay with him throughout childhood. I am so grateful that Meredith and Sweet Slumber were there for me." 

Kayla from Utah

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, night, naps, routine, sleep issues

"Meredith has helped me so much since Ellie was born! She has given us the best advice and has always stayed in touch to make sure everything is going okay. She has helped us to find ways to get Ellie sleeping better at night and help with her acid reflux. We love Sweet Slumber!"

Andrea from Iowa

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, nap, night, routine, sleep issues

"Henry used to only sleep in our arms or in the car seat, and he often needed to be driven around to fall asleep.  He had very fussy, screaming periods daily-it was so sad!  He usually only slept for a short time for naps.  When he was 2 1/2 months old, Meredith came into our lives and helped us teach him how to fall asleep on his own in a bed, start a routine, prepare for daycare, and helped us figure out that he had a food intolerance.  A month later, he was feeling better and sleeping better at night.  His naps grew from 45 min to 1 1/2 hours!  He has grown so much and is interacting like crazy.  He's a really happy baby and he is sleeping for 8 hour stretches!"

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Aaron Marie from Iowa

"Meredith Brough saved the day for our family! After successfully sleep training one child, my husband and I felt we would have it in the bag when our twins arrived. We couldn’t have been more wrong. After months and months of trying to survive as working parents on little to no sleep, we found ourselves at the point of desperation, depression and not enjoying these two precious boys (and their older brother) the way they deserved. Thankfully, that is when God put Meri in our path. In just four days, our twin boys slept better during the day and night … and have consistently done so since (they are 4 ½ now). We felt the immediate relief of not only more sleep, but much much happier children. Thanks to Meri, we went from surviving to thriving. We are so grateful for what she has done for our family."  

-Working mother of three delightfully happy (and well-rested) boys

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, Baby Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep Coach, help baby sleep at night

Angie from Iowa

"Becoming parents for the first time was joyful, exciting, overwhelming and scary!  We surely didn’t feel like we knew what we were doing that’s for sure!  While we were pregnant we would hear well-meaning friends say “you will never sleep again!"  That just added to the over-whelming thoughts and anxiety we already had.  We were blessed with our first daughter and quickly realized they were right!  We were NOT sleeping that’s for sure!  We tried our best to put into practice what we read (and re-read) from all the greatest books but with inexperience, we struggled perfecting these techniques.    When it was time to return to work, I was a bundle of nerves trying to figure out how I was going to function at my job with little sleep and the type of care my precious little one would receive.  That anxiety quickly faded because we were blessed in having Meredith be the care giver to our daughter (thanks Aaron Marie!).  Meredith treated our daughter like one of her own and was so loving to her.   Not only did she take great care of our daughter, she had her on a beautiful sleep schedule almost immediately which meant we were getting 8 hours of sleep a night ourselves!  The techniques we learned from Meredith helped create peace in our household and our daughter was able to flourish and grow because she was a well –rested baby!  The bonus?  We now have a second daughter and have been able to incorporate these techniques for her and she was sleeping through the night BEFORE I returned to work!  Meredith will always be a part of the Atkinson family!" 

-Mother of 2 beautiful, happy girls

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, naps, night, routine, sleep issues

Sean from Iowa

"Meredith has cared for our two boys over the past 3 years. Her love for our two boys has been an on going blessing and we are so grateful for everything she has done with them and for them. For example, Meredith helped us find a comfortable routine that fit both boys determined personalities. Meredith was patient and successful at getting them on a routine schedule when it came to eating and napping.  Meredith also worked with them everyday to to further educate them. Given Meredith's experience in raising her own children, and the communities children in different facets, Meredith is a great choice when it comes to meeting you and your child's needs." 

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Professional Testimonial

Sweet Slumber in Cedar Rapids, help baby & toddler sleep better, naps, night, routine, sleep issues

Nicole from Iowa


"I have had the pleasure of working with Meredith in my kindergarten classroom each day.  The bond that she has with my students is amazing.  Right from the start she was able to build relationships with each of the children.  This promoted a mutual respect between the two.  Meredith has a desire to work with children.  She also worked well with me on a daily basis.  We were able to collaborate on ideas on how to help the students.  She came each day with a positive attitude.  Her spirit and love for people is contagious.  Her passion to help others is undeniable.  She made me strive to be a better mom, friend, wife, and teacher each and every day.  Anyone that gets to work with Meredith will be blessed with an instant friendship that will last a lifetime.  I am going to miss her more than anything in my classroom but I know that she will continue to help others one baby at a time."