Sweet Slumber Testimonials

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Melissa from Canada

“While our 14 month old daughter was challenging, Meredith did not give up and tried to find new solutions for us until we had our daughter sleeping through the night. Meredith could have easily said our time is up and that she no longer was able to work with us, but the best thing about Meredith is her heart. She genuinely cares and is such a great support. Meredith’s techniques were successful in transitioning our daughter from being nursed/rocked to sleep to then being patted to sleep and lastly... finally falling asleep on her own!”  

Sarah from Washington

"Meredith helped me regain my sanity! My daughter was up every 1-2 hours still by the time she was 9 months old. She used to sleep but because of sickness and sleep regressions I was at a loss. I had tried a lot of things before I was blessed to work with Meredith. She is patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. If you work her system and methods you WILL see results! I can now lay my daughter in her crib and can walk out of the room and she goes to sleep. No fuss." 

Natasha from Canada

"Meredith is amazing to work with. She is personable, kind, patient, understanding, and very supportive. She was my lifeline during long nights and hard days. She was always available when I needed her, and always knew just what to say. Her suggestions helped us get through the many phases of sleep issues. I felt comforted to have her by my side, knowing that I could count on her to help us get through our sleep struggles. I would highly recommend working with Meredith. She is a true professional and a lifesaver!"

Carya from Iowa

"Meredith is wonderful! She is kind and caring, truly loves babies, and wants to help families. My little guy was not an easy case and Meredith never gave up on us. She was always happy to answer questions and suggest new solutions. She has been a wonderful support for me and my family. I can't say enough good things about her!"

Breean from Alabama

“When I first started seeking help getting Makiyah to sleep better and go to sleep independently, she was 10 weeks old. I saw someone I trusted on Instagram talk about a sleep specialist that helped her with her three babies, so I contacted her. I had no idea how important a schedule actually was until I contacted Mrs. Meredith at Sweet Slumber. She gave me so many different tips to help my baby sleep better and put herself to sleep independently. After just a few weeks sweet Makiyah started sleeping 12+ hours at night and putting herself to sleep with little to no help. She is now 21 weeks old and is still sleeping 12+ hours at night and taking two good naps during the day. We still have to help her get to sleep every once in a while but for the most part she puts herself to sleep. I can’t thank Mrs. Meredith enough for all the help and advice during this process.” 

Annie from Maryland

"Meredith is incredible. I truly cannot describe how much she changed our lives! Our son was waking every one or two hours for a year until we reached out. He would scream and cry at bedtime that eventually we gave in and co-slept. I wasn’t sleeping at all and we decided it was time for help!!! He is now 16 months old and sleeps 12 hours at night and naps great! He is able to soothe himself back to sleep and this was all done in such a gentle way!!! He’s even smiling when I lay him down for bed. Meredith is so understanding and such a kind person! It was important to have help with sleep tips but she was also such a big source of emotional support that I cannot begin to show my appreciation enough!! Even though we needed to reach out to her for sleep deprivation, I am so glad we got to meet and will still stay in touch!!"

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Giulia from Rome, Italy

"I called Meredith when Antonio was one month old. At first I thought I could settle his sleep by myself. After a while I realized there was something I was missing out: Antonio was a calm baby but I wasn’t able to regulate his sleep. Some days he slept too much during the day time, other days he didn’t close his eyes at all and woke up several times per night. I was afraid because I had to go back to work at his third month and I was scared of facing some days with no sleep at all. Thanks to Meredith... it NEVER happened!! Now Antonio is 3 and half months old and he takes two big naps during the daytime. At night he falls asleep between 7 and 8 pm EVERY WHERE we are and most of all he doesn’t need to stay in my arms to get quiet. He wakes up at 6.30 more or less, sometimes at 7.30! I was literally amazed by the results we gained in so little time! When I tell other mothers about Antonio’s sleeping habits they’re amazed. Also considering that he is so little. Moreover, Meredith’s advice was so easy to apply.  It’s incredible to see my boyfriend using them successfully (so that I’m not the only one putting the baby in bed!!) and asking me: “What does Meredith think about it?”. The nanny told me she has never seen such a quiet baby. I’m so grateful to Meredith, she is my angel and I would recommend her to all the mothers in the world! Sleep is very important for babies and I strongly believe they need help to learn good sleeping habits. Thank you angel Meredith!"

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Elena from Pennsylvania

"Meredith was such a blessing during my transition into motherhood. Our son was up every 30 minutes those first few weeks and I was a walking zombie. I reached out to Meredith hoping she could provide some help and guidance with infant sleep—something I knew very little about. From day one Meredith not only gave me tips and strategies to use with my son, but she was a constant resource for me to text and call when I was unsure about ANYTHING motherhood related!  Meredith sticks with by your side as a friend and answers all of your sleep related questions promptly. She helped me recognize signs of reflux in my son, plan a bedtime routine, and adjust my son to his crib without cry it out. As a mother herself, you can tell Meredith genuinely cares about all of her clients and keeps in touch to ensure everyone is sleeping! We were so happy to have found Meredith when we did."

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Kylee from Iowa

"My daughter was born premature and very sick. After months of waking her up every two hours on the dot to feed her she became accustomed to this schedule. At 6 months we realized she was not going to adjust out of this schedule on her own and we weren't ever going to sleep again!! My MIL suggested a sleep coach to help us and Addi get quality sleep. It was a leap for us to trust someone coming in and giving us direction about our baby... but I am glad we did!! Meredith was not pushy or judgmental. She let us go at our own pace and encouraged us to follow our own parenting path! 
Her process is flexible to your babies needs. She continued to message me on a regular basis to touch base and offer advice (which was great since I never remembered to reach out!).  She offered new ideas for Addi outside of just sleep. She was incredibly kind about everything she did and said.  Addi, now 15 months old sleeps 10-12 hours per night without getting up. She gets put in her bed for every nap and bedtime wide awake and goes to sleep without a sound from her. I'm not saying it's magic..... but it has to be magic. 
If you're on the fence, just go for it. If you are unsure, set up a consult with her. I don't know where we'd be without this process because we don't believe in crying it out. I was positive my daughter would never sleep more than 2 hours at a time and now we have the BEST sleeping baby ever!! Thanks Meredith!"

Mariah from Hawaii

"Meredith Brough’s methods are so gentle compared to other drastic measures, like crying it out. What I liked the most about Meredith Brough is that she doesn’t believe one method fits all. We had to switch things up every once in awhile, and Meredith was with my husband and I every step of the way. 

If you want to see real results than you need Meredith Brough. She is the real deal."

Maya from England

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

“Until he was a year old, Oscar would only nap at home, in my arms. When I put him in his cot (crib) (which he slept fine in overnight??), he’d never settle. I won’t lie, I LOVED those hours, cradling him! But I wanted him to be more independent, and I really needed some time each day when my shoulders could relax. Enter the wonderful Meredith of Sweet Slumber who befriended me, immediately understood everything I said, guided me, gave me bags of confidence, never judged, soothed me when I cried, and filled a huge support/pastoral gap I had.  At 17 months, Oscar now not only sleeps in his cot (crib), he also, as a result, sleeps better and longer at night. I trusted in her advice, and it steadily unfolded, just as she said it would. Yes, I paid her- so what, I needed her expertise. No, during our consultation, I didn’t admit to any friends that I’d engaged a sleep consultant. I worried people would think that meant I was inept (you know how Parents judge other Parents. What’s with that?), but she went above and beyond what I expected, and I would 100% recommend her to anyone. 
Here’s to everyone having their own Meredith at the end of the line 💕 Never mind the kids, it takes a village to make a mama!!” 

Katie from Colorado (Mother of 2 and 3 year old boys)

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"19 Months. Nine. Teen. Months. That’s how long it took before I finally felt human again. Before I finally felt like I was keeping my head above water. Before I finally felt like having another one (15 years from now, obviously) might not totally destroy me. Every day for 19 months I felt like I was drowning. The days were long and the nights were even longer. And lonelier. Sawyer was such a great sleeper as a baby I never dreamed our second baby would give us so much trouble, and I certainly never thought that my great sleeper baby would turn into a horrible sleeper toddler, this leaving me with TWO children who were up all night. I adjusted so well after having Sawyer I never dreamed how postpartum depression would swallow me whole after having Oliver. The post NICU stress, the move right after he was born, the 4 months of oxygen tanks, and the 19 months of no sleep almost broke me. But here we are! Still standing and a happier little family than ever. I could never have reached this point without Meredith from Sweet Slumber. ❤️ I wish we had taken this leap earlier. She has helped us take our nights back for what they’re supposed to be for...SLEEP 🙌🏻which in turn has helped us take our days back too. Her methods are gentle and easy to follow and they’ve made such a huge difference in our lives. If you’re struggling with lack of sleep due to the little ones in your home, call Meredith and you will NOT regret it! You don’t realize how huge sleep is until you don’t have it 😆we’re all thriving more with it. 4 months of therapy, JESUS, supplements, and essential oils all played a part in helping me tread water this past year and a half but SLEEP is definitely a huge factor. If you can give yourself the gift of sleep...DO IT 🥰 

Natalie from Illinois

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"This is the face of a boy who barely slept 4 hours. This is also the face of a boy who now sleeps 12 hours. That was the problem. Noah was never a good sleeper from day one, but he was always happy. We looked for the tell tale signs of "meltdowns" and unruly behavior throughout the day, but he was happy all day every day. We were aware to look for his window of calm and quiet and it still didn't matter. We tried everything....and for a brief period of time, he slept for 2 months regularly through the night, and then it was back to an excessive, exhausting routine to put him down with our fingers crossed that he would sleep through the night. Sometimes, sporadically, he did, but for the most part mom and dad were exhausted! Then I asked for help, and I met Meredith. Meredith was a calm, breath of fresh air to our lives. She immediately instilled faith in me that despite Noah being a toddler and despite me feeling as if I have tried everything; that in fact, I can still sleep train Noah in a progressive, slow and calm way. I left our first conversation excited and with a renewed sense of potential success. I can't even describe how rapidly the changes in Noah's sleep occurred and more importantly, that they stuck! Through sicknesses, skipped naps, and hectic weekends, he still thrived and was sleeping through the night after week 1! Even when we got off track, it was so easy to get back on, and within a night or 2 he was easily back into his routine, in fact, he was craving it. The most amazing part of it all, is everything she taught me was practical and easy to apply..and I had tried everything! I'm happy to say that I asked for help and I'm beyond thrilled that Meredith was the answer. Her quiet confidence in me, and patience were the tools to our success. Without a doubt, I would use her again and urge anyone struggling with sleep amongst their babies, to contact her immediately!" 

Video Testimonial From Jenna in Missouri

I wasn't sleeping much. I was suffering a great deal from stress, fear, hopelessness, and exhaustion. Meredith helped my baby sleep better in a matter of days. It was a miracle!

Kristine from Miami

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"The one and only fairy SLEEP mother!
My little 10 month old went from only napping 30 mins, nursing to sleep, waking up every 1-2 hrs at night to a whopping 2 hr naps, falling asleep on her own and sleeping 7 straight hrs. She even hangs out in her crib and plays until we come get her! Happy tears! We are still working together since teething has been a bit of an issue but my god!!! My life has changed and my little girl is so much happier. Thank you for all your support and love, I will forever appreciate your guidance and friendship I couldn’t have done it without you."

Shannon from Iowa

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"After going a year without a full nights rest, we decided something had to give. I had been referred to Meredith and to be honest I was hesitant, the whole idea of a sleep coach seemed unusual to me. It wasn’t long before our son fell into a bedtime routine that he had desperately been lacking. He started to sleep longer and he was napping better too, not to mention he was doing it all in his crib and not our bed!  It sounds silly but I’m actually glad I had a terrible sleeper, otherwise, I would have never got to connect with Meredith. She’s truly someone you will be blessed to know! Her knowledge and compassion brings you strength and the service she provides is invaluable."

Erin from Iowa

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"Meredith came to help my husband and I with our 19 month old. Our 19 month old has always been super fussy when it came to naps and bedtime. I finally had enough of the sleepless nights and asked for help! Meredith came to my rescue and gave me the extra tools I needed and guidance to be successful on our journey to a full nights sleep! Our toddler within a week and half now asks to lay down in his crib for naps and at bedtime. Which is huge since before we coslept part of night after he would wake multiple times. He is able to put himself to sleep without rocking for an hour when he wakes up during night. I can't thank her enough! She also is so good about checking in to see how things are going. If there are any concerns you have or questions she is always happy to answer."

Mindy from Iowa

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"Everything that I tried failed. I felt like I was failing,  as nothing in my instincts could guide my sweet 17 month old to better rest.  I found Sweet Slumber's Facebook page, and upon reading the reviews, I knew that Meredith would be a wonderful teacher for our family.

She came to our house and I immediately connected with her. She is kind, patient, encouraging, and a dream come true.  Meredith has created a sleep system in which babies and toddlers learn to sleep not by crying,  but rather by the constant love and security offered to them by their parents. They are treated with care and gentleness as they learn to settle their minds and bodies into a truly sweet slumber.  Meredith Brough changed our lives. Over the course of the first 3 nights with the program,  our daughter went from 10-12 wake-ups a night to only 3. On night 6 she slept through the night.  Meredith and her company Sweet Slumber are amazing.  We are so thankful that our lives have been blessed by knowing her! Thank you, Meredith!"

Andi from Texas

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

"I reached out to meredith when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. I desperately needed a refresher course and support once my boy was born. She helped me prepare for the little guys arrival and offered much needed support!   Once baby Gray was born meredith made the first three weeks way easier than I could have imagined. It was still challenging but I knew I could reach out to her and she would respond very quickly. I counted on her to help me through those beginning days. I loved having a plan set up and how she helped me tweek it as needed. I have recommended her to many friends and would be lost without her!!!"

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Gina from Texas

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

“I decided to call Meredith once I hit rock bottom with Charlie’s sleep habits. At 6 months old she only slept soundly in the rock-n-play, she only lasted about 30 minutes in her crib for naps, and would only sleep a couple of hours in her crib at night until we would give up and bring her in bed with us after she would wake multiple times. My husband and I both work fulltime so waking up every couple hours throughout the night wasn’t cutting it! I called Meredith right after Charlie turned 6 months. Within ONE WEEK of working with Meredith Charlie started sleeping through the night 10-12 hours and started napping 1-2 hours a day 2 times a day!! Meredith was SO understanding and met us where we were! She went above and beyond to send me lengthy follow up emails with every detail we talked about and followed up every week to see how things were going. I don’t know where we would be without Meredith and all of her help! Probably still sleep deprived! We are SO beyond THANKFUL!”

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Kaitlin from Iowa

"Meredith helped my TWINS sleep through the night! She was so genuine in helping and caring for my babies. At 2.5 months old, she came to my home for 3 days & in less than a week, my son slept through the night! A week later my daughter did! I am forever thankful for this relationship and experience with Sweet Slumber!" 

-Author of the CR Moms Blog Post about Sweet Slumber, "Getting My Twins to Sleep"

Amanda from Iowa


"Relief. That is what I felt when I came across a blog post about Sweet Slumber. I had finally found what I was looking for- someone to help me sort through all the sleep advice that is out there and get my kiddo back on track! However, I was still a bit skeptical. My 8 month old was pretty strong-willed/stubborn/stuck in his ways- whatever you want to call it! When I explained his sleeping to Meredith she responded, “I’m confident I can help you.” Again, I felt relief. The first day was rough, but by the second day he was able to put himself to sleep! A few days later he was sleeping in 6 hour stretches. That hadn’t happened since he was about 3 months old!

Then it hit. A bad cold followed by croup. I knew we had undone a lot of our hard work, but Meredith had taught us well and I was confident that when he was healthy again we’d get back on track- and we did. Again, relief.

It hasn’t been easy fixing our baby’s sleep, but it has been so worth it! If we hadn’t found Meredith I probably wouldn’t have followed through on a sleep plan. We’d still be waking up multiple times each night and I’d still be a zombie during the day. I am grateful for her insights, confidence, and cheerleading abilities!!"

Kara from Iowa

"I want to share my success story with all the parents out there who are sleep deprived! I have been working with Meredith since Greta was 6 weeks old. She woke 2-3 times a night like most babies. The parts that kept me awake the most was that she spit up a lot (out her nose) and made a lot of grunting sounds. She would sleep so soundly and peacefully during the day but totally opposite at night. Meredith began working her magic on Greta. Found out the grunting was from gas. Taught me how to get her to fall asleep on her own and get her on a feeding schedule. I love Greta’s feeding schedule it makes planning my days so much easier. Greta started sleeping through the night about 3 weeks after working with Meredith. She takes her last bottle at 6:00pm. We play. Then by 7:00pm I take her up to bed, turn on the noise machine, lay her down, give kisses and walk out of the room. Then at 6:00am I wake her up to eat her morning bottle! She sleeps 12hrs EVERY night! My baby sleeps better than my toddler! If you are sleep deprived and at your wits’ end then don’t hesitate to contact Meredith!!!! She works with families all over the country!"

Anna from Ohio

"Meredith came into my life when my baby was 6 1/2 months old. He was still waking up 2 -3 times a night, and was always nursed to sleep. I was a mess, so sleep deprived! My husband wanted to help but didn't know how he could since he couldn't feed him. She came in and promptly started the process of teaching Spencer to fall asleep on his own and established a schedule. It was such an EMOTIONAL journey for us all and Meredith held my hand and helped us through it. I think her emotional support was just as important as her "baby whispering" skills. In fact, you could call her a "Mama whisperer" too. At 1 1/2 months later I can report that my baby is doing GREAT! I put him to bed at about 6:30pm and he usually sleeps through the night till about 7:00 am. He can put himself to sleep now and can get himself back to sleep if he wakes up after one sleep cycle during his naps. I feel like I've been able to heal and get some emotional and mental health back as well. My husband is very involved in baby's sleep now and I don't feel like its all on my shoulders. I would recommend Meredith, HANDS DOWN, to anyone that has a baby. She has skills, people. If you have a new baby, or an older baby, she can help you teach that kid great skills that will stay with him throughout childhood. I am so grateful that Meredith and Sweet Slumber were there for me." 

Megan from Iowa

"Meredith is simply the best! I know her both on a personal and professional level and she has helped my husband and I so very much with our second baby. With Meredith’s help, we were able to get our son’s silent reflux diagnosed and under control right away. In addition, Meredith helped Murphy get on a schedule pretty much immediately and he was sleeping through the night (7:30-7:30!!!) by about 9 weeks old. Murphy follows his schedule almost to the minute! It’s incredible. Our daycare provider has been doing her job for 20+ years and just told me last week that Murphy is by far the best and easiest baby because of his schedule. I was humbled and flattered but have to give Mer all the credit ❤️ I think the highest compliment I can give Meredith is that the ease of transitioning our second baby into our family has gone so smoothly because of her help that it makes me want more babies :) Thank you Meredith and Sweet Slumber for everything! We love you and will continue to recommend you to all the mom’s and dad’s out there looking to get their kiddos sleeping better and following a schedule."

Andrea from Iowa

"Henry used to only sleep in our arms or in the car seat, and he often needed to be driven around to fall asleep.  He had very fussy, screaming periods daily-it was so sad!  He usually only slept for a short time for naps.  When he was 2 1/2 months old, Meredith came into our lives and helped us teach him how to fall asleep on his own in a bed, start a routine, prepare for daycare, and helped us figure out that he had a food intolerance.  A month later, he was feeling better and sleeping better at night.  His naps grew from 45 min to 1 1/2 hours!  He has grown so much and is interacting like crazy.  He's a really happy baby and he is sleeping for 8 hour stretches!"

Original Sweet Slumber Babies

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Aaron Marie from Iowa

"Meredith Brough saved the day for our family! After successfully sleep training one child, my husband and I felt we would have it in the bag when our twins arrived. We couldn’t have been more wrong. After months and months of trying to survive as working parents on little to no sleep, we found ourselves at the point of desperation, depression and not enjoying these two precious boys (and their older brother) the way they deserved. Thankfully, that is when God put Meri in our path. In just four days, our twin boys slept better during the day and night … and have consistently done so since (they are 4 ½ now). We felt the immediate relief of not only more sleep, but much much happier children. Thanks to Meri, we went from surviving to thriving. We are so grateful for what she has done for our family."  

-Working mother of three delightfully happy (and well-rested) boys

help my baby sleep, baby won't sleep, newborn sleep, sleep all night, toddler sleep help, gentle

Angie from Iowa

"Becoming parents for the first time was joyful, exciting, overwhelming and scary!  We surely didn’t feel like we knew what we were doing that’s for sure!  While we were pregnant we would hear well-meaning friends say “you will never sleep again!"  That just added to the over-whelming thoughts and anxiety we already had.  We were blessed with our first daughter and quickly realized they were right!  We were NOT sleeping that’s for sure!  We tried our best to put into practice what we read (and re-read) from all the greatest books but with inexperience, we struggled perfecting these techniques.    When it was time to return to work, I was a bundle of nerves trying to figure out how I was going to function at my job with little sleep and the type of care my precious little one would receive.  That anxiety quickly faded because we were blessed in having Meredith be the care giver to our daughter.  Meredith treated our daughter like one of her own and was so loving to her.   Not only did she take great care of our daughter, she had her on a beautiful sleep schedule almost immediately which meant we were getting 8 hours of sleep a night ourselves!  The techniques we learned from Meredith helped create peace in our household and our daughter was able to flourish and grow because she was a well–rested baby!  The bonus?  We now have a second daughter and have been able to incorporate these techniques for her and she was sleeping through the night BEFORE I returned to work!  Meredith will always be a part of the Atkinson family!"